Frequently Asked Questions

What´s the minimum age for entering our room?

Families with children are warmly welcome. Children tend to be a strong team player and often they surprise with their ideas. We recommend that children from 10 to 15 years of age will be accompanied by an adult. We have no age limitations.

What kind of abbilities should I have?

There is no need to have any special knowledge. The game is language - independent, requiring only basic knowledge. Nevertheless, it is an advantage to have at least one person on your team with basic knowledge of Slovak or English. It is important to use intuition, logic, deductive reasoning and the ability to look at things from a different perspective.

What if we won´t know what to do next?

During the whole game you will be constantly watched by our operator, who is responsible for your gaming experience. When necessary, he will give you an indication or a hint. There is nothing you should be worried about.

What if we´ll need to leave the room during the game?

Of course, if you´ll need to leave our room for any reason, our operator will be ready to open the door for you.

Can I buy the game as a gift for someone?

In case you want to surprise your family, friends or colleagues with an unusual, special gift, we offer the opportunity of purchasing gift vouchers.

Is it necessary to pay for the game in advance?

We do not require any deposit or payment in advance. You can pay for the game on the spot.


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